Elite 8: AEW Dynamite 3/4/2020

AEW Elite 8 is our weekly look at eight things that we liked about the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. You can check out last week’s Elite 8 here and Elite 8 for AEW Revolution here

8. Keeping us waiting

There were a lot of complaints last night that we didn’t see Lance Archer. I have to admit that I was expecting him too, but it turns out AEW never actually said that. This announcement on Dynamite last week was poorly worded, but they never said he would be on the show this week and they never put him in any of their advertising. Everyone just assumed that he would be. So, that’s on us.

It turns out what AEW is doing is far more interesting: They are building anticipation. For everything. For everyone.

Yesterday, we had Jake Roberts (more on him later) appear to tease a new client, the Young Bucks appear on Matt Hardy’s YouTube show, more teases on AEW social media, and more hints towards The Exalted One. All of this stuff is just creating buzz and keeping us asking questions. Who is The Exalted One? Does The Exalted One even exist? Who is Jake Roberts client? Is it Archer? Is it Brodie Lee? How does Matt Hardy fit into this all?

It’s one thing to have great wrestling each week and it’s another thing to tell stories that make sense, but creating a world where people are asking questions and trying to put puzzle pieces together is something else entirely. The mystery is alive in AEW and I’m very happy for them to keep us waiting on these things so that when someone does debut, it means something. It’s not the lights going out and a guy you know from another company appearing. It’s a long-term question being answered by a wrestler that you really want to see. That’s huge, that’s exciting.

7. Colt Cabana debuts with a boom

I was excited about the signing of Colt Cabana to AEW because nobody deserves to be featured on national television more than him. That excitement was rewarded here as Colt looked great in getting his team the win here.

This also worked in extending everything going on with the Dark Order. The odds were fair here so Colt and SCU were able to get the win. That’s good for SCU as they were able to put the Daniels saga behind them. At the same time, the loss (as Evil Uno said) is likely going to make The Exalted One angry and brings his debut closer. The loss might also make John Silver and Alex Reynolds doubt their decision to join Dark Order (doubts that Silver already has) as they are still winless since joining.

This was a much needed win for SCU, but it feels like this thing is far from over.

6. Big Swole, Big Win

While the women’s division got the short straw on time again this week (to put it mildly), this was a good use of that time. Big Swole has had longer matches on Dynamite that didn’t do nearly as much to make her look awesome and like someone worth paying attention to than this did.

I’d like to see AEW do something like the Dynamite Dozen or a tournament of some kind with the women’s division. With Nyla Rose at the top of the mountain, we need something to give the Big Swoles and Penelopes Ford of the world something to fight for.


5. The best Best Friends hug of all


It’s science.

4. Death Triangle

AEW’s King of Trios tournament has a new favorite: Death Triangle!

I am all the way in on this trio. I think that Rey Fenix is probably the most exciting wrestler in the world, Pentagon bleeds charisma, and that PAC is incapable of having a bad match. Putting those three together maybe puts the Lucha Brothers a bit more towards the heel side than I would like, but I know that everything these three are going to is going to be amazing.

On the Jericho Cruise, they talked about possibly adding an AEW Trios title and doing the tournament there. Why wait that long? We are ready for it right now and they have the teams to do it. A hot trios match would instantly make every show better (if that’s even possible) and it gets Fenix on my TV more.

Forget the Jericho Cruise, I want it now.

3. The Snake

I had to re-watch this one because in the moment I was really confused by Jake’s half-and-half hair cut and why nobody let him drink any water all day. That said, there is a lot to digest here.

  • Jake refers to Cody as Caesar throughout this promo. A lot of people have pointed out how Julius Caesar was betrayed and killed on the Ides of March. That would be March 15th, a Sunday, so that’s out. The next Dynamite is March 18th from Rochester, NY.
  • Of course, that Caesar line could be referring to Cody himself. He has already been betrayed by MJF and grown arrogant (next tattoo). Could we be witnessing Cody becoming corrupted by power? Is his Dark Side coming?
  • I loved Jake calling Arn a “one-trick pony” because the only thing I can think of is that these two have some sort of DDT-related heat. I’m the guy who gives intense promos and hits DDTs, not you!
  • Jake says that he’s not in AEW to take the whole pie, he just wants Cody’s share. Is this just because he’s at the top or is there something more?
  • Jake’s disrespectful walk off may be the most badass thing I’ve ever seen.

2. Blood & Guts

I was hoping for some clues as to what we might see for AEW’s Blood & Guts match in three weeks and we got them… sort of.

The Jake Hager vs. QT Marshall match was a slaughter and lead to Matt Jackson and Cody being beat-down by them as well. They were saved by Adam Page in another highlight reel moment from Page, but the dissension between them remains.


I was thinking early that it would be some form of Team Moxley taking on the Inner Circle, but this episode left me guessing if the Elite is going to be involved in some way. I think we’ll find out more next week, but right now my guesses for the match are:

  • Inner Circle vs. Moxley, Darby, QT, Dustin Rhodes and Cody
  • Inner Circle vs. Moxley, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Adam Page
  • Inner Circle vs. The Elite and Adam Page
  • Inner Circle vs. Moxley, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Cody/Dustin/Darby

(That last one would really piss off Hangman.)

Whatever it ends up being, I’m excited and I like that the Inner Circle has pissed off so many people that there are multiple legit candidates to face them in this match.


On a night where Jon Moxley made his first appearance as the AEW World Champion, the show belonged to Darby Allin.

Darby was meant to team with Moxley (something we’ve been waiting on for awhile), but it wasn’t meant to be. The Inner Circle attacked Moxley during his entrance which left Darby to go it alone. What happened next was a thing of beauty.

Darby was just so amazing in this match. I had a friend text me during it saying this was a “star making performance” from Darby. It’s a weird thing where I agree and disagree with him at the same time.

I agree because every single match from Darby is a star making performance. He’s the most can’t miss wrestler in AEW and every match he has on Dynamite feels like the most important thing on the show. It doesn’t matter how much time he has, you are going to remember something from his match and you are going to remember him. Which is why I disagree, this guy is already a star.

To me, nothing illustrates that more than this moment from the match where he tagged himself in.

In lesser hands, tagging yourself would have been made fun of endlessly. Imagine like John Cena or someone doing this. Lame, right? I don’t even know if Moxley could do it without inspiring some laughs. When Darby does it though? Magic.

I was really expecting Mox to make his return before the match ended to save Darby, but this was so much better. It stinks that Darby got the loss here which brings his record in AEW to 7-8-1. This just goes to show that record isn’t everything because to everyone who watched those matches, Darby won every one.

Vince Morales is a freelance writer and AEW fan who met the Young Bucks once. You can see his face every week as one half of the Babyface Bullies.